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Cahoots Launch


We are pleased to announce that the public beta site is now live at cahoots.com.  You can now create an account and use the site. After months of blogging and developing we have launched our minimum viable product and will be continuing to refine the site and will be adding lots of features.

We are introducing the concept of  Social Cards to the online community.  While we were busy building something else, we noticed how fragmented online presence was becoming with people and brands using a variety of social media channels in addition to websites and blogs.  At the same time business cards have still not become high-tech, despite their importance in networking and sharing contact information.  So we created something similar to an online business card, but called them social cards because they can be used in a much broader variety of ways than traditional paper business cards and for many purposes.  A social card could be created for personal use, professional, a brand, an event, or even a topic.  It is designed for simple, condensed, and quick sharing of social information.

cahoots card


The first version of the site is not full-featured, but is completely usable and 100 percent FREE.  We will be rolling out other features and options rapidly and will be launching the mobile version and application soon as well.

At present, our site is fresh and millions of usernames are available, so if you have a particular username you would like to have we suggest creating a social card snapping it up before it’s gone!

Thanks for reading!



We’ve Hit the One Hundred Mark

Cahoots MapThis is the blog of our startup website, cahoots.com.  As a startup every landmark, small or large, stands out and needs to be noted and celebrated for it is these steps that form the staircase that leads to your ultimate goal.  Today we are pleased that we have captured the attention of readers in over one hundred countries from Botswana to Bangladesh, Andorra region to Argentina, and small island nations such as the Maldives and the Faroe Islands.  Most of our views have been concentrated in North America, but after some posts went viral we are also seeing hot spots in unanticipated regions such as Spain.  Getting views from nations with high internet penetration rates is less challenging, so we are happy to see that we are reaching countries with lower internet penetration rates or strict censorship, such as China.

Thank you for reading our blog.  We are going live at cahoots.com in less than two weeks and we had hoped we would hit the 100 mark before we launched.  Please continue to read and take a look when we go live in June of 2013.  We hope to hit 100 countries with our product far faster than we did with our blog!

Thanks for Reading,



We’re In Cahoots!

cahoots logo

What are we up to?

Our blog has been running for nearly two months now and we are getting closer and closer to launching Cahoots.com, so we thought we’d take a moment to let you know what’s up and what’s coming.  We don’t talk about it much, because we’re actually all about you. Here is what we mean by that:

We are building a website called ‘Cahoots’ at Cahoots.com.  Our goal is to make promoting yourself online less time consuming, more efficient, very organized, and more meaningful.  This website is being designed with small businesses, artisans, restaurants, musicians, funeral homes, dog walkers, pet sitters, lawyers, caterers and many other service professionals in mind.  These are the people and businesses that have to generate an ongoing stream of clientele.

With many jobs, once you’re hired you can stop looking for work.  With other types, such as a wedding photographer or caterer, the search is continuous, as people usually only hire you for one wedding!  So we’re shifting a large portion of the search to the consumer’s end so they can find and compare people without them even knowing they were applying for a job.  We”re also focused on short-form job applications that are quick and job matching. Why should a Cellist have to worry about SEO, scanning Craigslist, and constantly updating social networks when all they want to do is play music?  Running your own business or being self-employed is time consuming enough within itself. In Cahoots all you have to do is do your job, do it well, build relationships, and build your reputation.  As a consumer, all you have to do is know what you’re looking for (For Example, a Cellist for your wedding ceremony).

We are not building a directory, we are building a community.  The online communities that currently exist are either too niche, too exclusive, too busy, or too corporate.  They’re good at what they do, and we want to be good at what we do.  We are striving to enhance collaboration, exchange, organization of online space, and both B2B and B2C relationships.

We don’t talk about Cahoots.com much on our blog yet because:

  1. We’re developing a social business platform for people who  are looking to promote themselves and build relationships online.  We figured we would give people tips, inspiration, and insight rather than bombard them with technical jargon related to our development.  
  2. We want to build a great relationship with the online community.
  3. By focusing on content that may be of interest to our target market we are forced to research the subject ourselves.   This deepens our understanding of our target market in fantastic ways.
  4. We know that how our product ends up being used will emerge through it’s use.  We don’t want to make big claims or promises just yet. We’re staying supple, adaptable, and open to change.

Beginning next Monday, our blog is going to take on more structure and consistency and begin involving more people. We are committed to providing at least one post a day that will look something like this:

Mondays- We feature a post from a Guest Blogger/Writer.

Tuesdays- We feature a post on social media, small business, or professional tips.

Wednesday- We give an update on our development.

Thursday- We talk about relationships in business and communities.

Friday- A bit more visual, casual, and humorous.

Saturday– We will feature a small business or professional doing an awesome job.

Sunday- Surprise!

On Twitter @Cahootstweets we tweet useful articles, our own content, quotes, smallbiz news, and retweet the stuff we come across that deserves attention.

We have also started @cahootssub, an account dedicated specifically to scoping out content and tweeting calls for submissions.  Follow us if you’re interested in being featured.

We can be found on Facebook at http://facebook.com/cahootspage

We will be releasing our video content and Pinterest in conjunction with our launch.

If you would like to be invited to our beta site please go to Cahoots.com

Please do get in Cahoots with us!


The Winning Icon

We asked. You answered. We listened.

In our testing grounds we polled visitors to help us select the icon for Cah{o,o}ts:


Over fifty percent of you chose A. So we are going with option A, the simplest one, with the rounded edge framing where applicable.  Here it is in high res 🙂


If it were left up to us we probably would have gone with C, the second most popular choice, but there is something to be said for simplicity.  We truly believe that involving the online community in our development is the best way to create something of value for http://cahoots.com . We are not building this platform for ourselves, so your opinion matters.

Thanks for the help and check out our current poll !


Why ‘Cahoots’?


Playing the Name Game

Ideas are a bit like wine, they improve over time.  At the same time ideas require decisiveness and execution to bring them to life.  Finding a balance between rumination and action is one of the trickiest skills to master as an entrepreneur.  You have to know when to pounce and when to hold back.  In the case of our name, it was worth the wait.

The concept for Cahoots was loosely born out of the idiom “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”  This led to to the idea of backscratch.com.  We even contacted the owners to determine whether or not they were interested in selling the domain backscratch.com.  We’re really glad that they weren’t, because that was a terrible name for the platform we’ve built.  We then proceeded to toy with a series of mediocre names before arriving at ‘Cahoots’.

‘Cahoots’ was a word that jumped out at us when browsing synonyms for words such as partnership, affiliation, and alliance.  The sound of the word instantly appealed to us, though the definitions varied a bit:

“go cahoots, to share equally; become partners”– Dictionary.com

Colluding or conspiring together secretly”– Google

“The sound an owl makes when it sneezes.”– urbandictionary.com

The first definition was the one that resonated with our vision.  The earliest usage of the word can be traced back to 1829 as American slang derived from the French word ‘Cahute’ (Cabin).

We liked the word because it was:

  1. Relevant
  2. Short
  3. Sounds like it looks
  4. Familiar, yet uncommon
  5. Memorable
  6. A little bit fun and playful

Of course Cahoots.com was already taken, but it wasn’t being used.  Fortunately, we were able to negotiate and acquire the domain. When it comes to names, there is always a sense of urgency with a project- we need  a title to refer to, a brand to build, a name to Incorporate under, a domain to buy, keywords for SEO… At the same time it is tricky to change a name after it has been established, so you want to make sure you get it right. We think it was completely worth the patience.

By the end of this week you will see our landing page up at Cahoots.com.


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