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What is Cah{o,o}ts?

Cahoots Logo

We are designing a platform at Cahoots.com that allows for the fast sharing and indexing of  contact and social information whether it’s personal, professional, businesses, or event related.  We take the fragments of your online presence and unify them.

Cahoots is making the online social space more connected, organized, and integrated.  We are doing this by allowing you to share the many dimensions of your online presence in a simple, visual manner.

This blog had been created to share resources, research, information, our journey, and develop a relationship with the online community prior to even launching our product.

If you would like to be notified when we launch please submit your email at http://cahoots.com 

  • Anyone can get in Cahoots
  • Creating a Cahoots.com account is free

Cah{o,o}ts is a Canadian internet startup. Cahoots was started in the Fall of 2012 under the company Connext Community Networks.  Cahoots.com is actively being tested and coded.

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